Quinto Technologies Private Limited is an AI company based in Pune, India, and Quinto.ai enables businesses to automate sales and support conversations with customers to help increase sales, market new products & services, and improve customer support.

Businesses across verticals are using Quinto.ai’s always-on 24x7 chatbot for automated live chat, product discovery & recommendations, quick FAQ responses, and internal knowledgebases — in turn improving the efficiency of their own teams, while making their customer’s experience better.


Abhilash Sathe

Software Engineer, MCM, Android/frontend/backend development

Harpreet Singh

Software Engineer, BTech (Comp. Sc. & Engg.), iOS/backend development

Hrishikesh Rajpathak

CEO, Cofounder, MSc. (Comp. Sc.), machine learning, data mining

Sahil Khan

Cofounder, BBA-IT, UI/UX design, marketing, sales

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Quinto Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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Pune, Maharashtra, India — 411004