Quinto Technologies Private Limited is an AI company based in Pune, India and Quinto helps businesses automate conversations on social messaging platforms to increase sales, market new products & services, and improve customer support.

Businesses can signup for our SaaS product on a monthly or annual subscription to enable their customers to engage with them on chat applications like Facebook Messenger and accept food orders, table reservations, ticket bookings, and other transactions. Businesses can also automate customer support conversations with their customers.

The same platform can be used to reengage end-customers who've opted-in to interact with the businesses on an individual basis.

To complete paid transactions, Quinto also accepts payments from end-custmers on behalf of businesses and can handle cancellations & refunds .


Abhilash Sathe

Software Engineer, MCM, Android/frontend/backend development

Harpreet Singh

Software Engineer, BTech (Comp. Sc. & Engg.), iOS/backend development

Hrishikesh Rajpathak

CEO, Cofounder, MSc. (Comp. Sc.), machine learning, data mining

Sahil Khan

Cofounder, BBA-IT, UI/UX design, marketing, sales

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Quinto Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
A101, Nakshatra Apartments, Erandwane
Pune, Maharashtra, India — 411004